2024 Runbirds / Roadrunners Try Outs



8u – 14u Runbirds/ Roadrunners

2024 Runbirds/RoadRunners Baseball 8U-14U Tryouts : Runbirds Baseball (leagueapps.com)

15u – 17u Runbirds/ Roadrunners

August 14th at 6pm

NABC Field, Northborough Mass


Runbirds Baseball is excited to announce our tryouts for the 2024 spring/summer season. Each new and returning player is required to register for a tryout.   Due to COVID-19 and summer travel schedules for families, we are scheduling private and semi-private rolling tryouts for the 2023 Spring and Summer season which will take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Once you are registered, our organization will be in touch to coordinate a tryout date and time.

At the youngest age groups we focus on basic principles of the game at the 8U – 10U age groups. 11U & 12U players are taught some of the finer aspects of the offensive and defensive concepts of the game before reaching the major league field size at 13U.  The 13U & 14U age groups, train rigorously throughout the spring 2-3 days week and play in a competitive league schedule with NB Select before playing in 5-6 tournaments from Memorial Day weekend onward.  Our main goal is to prepare our 13/14U players to make their varsity high school rosters as freshmen and sophomores. Our college development/placement teams play in the best regional and national tournaments for college exposure.  Our schedule is tailored towards the caliber of team and players that make up our rosters.

All members of the 2023 Runbirds rosters will receive some of the best baseball development in the country from our professional non parental coaching.  For over 20 years, we had one owner and the program has focused and achieved the ability to develop and place players on High School Varsity Teams, as well as College and Professional Teams.  With over 2000 players placed in college programs since its inception, Runbirds Baseball and their staff on development and placement is unmatched.

The tryouts will give prospective players outside the program the opportunity to join the most premier baseball program in New England.  All players that tryout are being evaluated on their current skill set with future projections once they with the assistance of our coaches being hands on with our players.

The formula for success isn’t easy. Below are just a few items that come along with membership to the 9U-17U program to assure proper baseball development:

  • Professional, Non-Parent Coaching
  • Competitive Game and Tournament Schedule
  • 2 Complimentary Private Lessons
  • 1 Complimentary Private Evaluation
  • 10 Team Strength and Conditioning sessions with specialized Athletic Trainer
  • 10 Athletic Yoga sessions with professional Yoga Instructor
  • Optional fall Season after Labor Day for 5 weekends
  • 1 Indoor Fall Practice per week
  • 2 Indoor Winter Practices per week
  • 1 Indoor/1 Outdoor Spring Practice per Week
  • Member Pricing for All Shrewsbury Club Programs
  • Complimentary 1-Year Membership to The Shrewsbury Club for each player
  • PLUS additional development package opportunities